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Hi! Welcome to my blog.  I’m Kelsey and I am the Community Marketing Coordinator at Casco Federal Credit Union.


I work at our main office here in Gorham, Maine where I do a little bit of everything: advertising, marketing, event planning, community outreach, social media, and blogging.  Here’s beautiful snapshot of our building on a bright, sunny morning.

Sunny at Casco

A little background about where I come from: I grew up in Falmouth, Maine with my fun-loving, crazy family.  My parents are two of the best people out there – for example they have let me live with them for  the last 2 years since I graduated from college RENT FREE, they feed me, watch Netflix with me, and never complain when I come home late on Saturday nights.  I also have a fabulous older sister who, since the day she was born, has been impeccably dressed and has taught me everything I know about fashion/ style.  Darcie has always had my back on everything from making sure my clothes match to cheering me on swim meets – I couldn’t ask for a better older sister.  Here’s a picture of the whole family skiing last Christmas at Sunday River in Bethel, Maine (if you couldn’t tell from my dad’s smile, he gets very excited when we all ski with him).

family skiing

I also have the world’s most adorable, lovable, snuggly, CUTE puppy!!! He is actually an 11 year-old yellow lab named Bode but he is young at heart (he gets upset if you imply that he is not a puppy or a lap dog – he is both 😉 ).  He is the best dog in the world and if we are going to be friends, you must love him, no exceptions.


A huge part of my life has always been competitive swimming. I started swimming for a local USA club team when I was 5 and have barely been out of the pool enough for my hair to dry since. I love being in the water, whether it’s to get my butt kicked during training or just to have a  hand stand contest in the shallow end with friends.  I also enjoy running, lifting weights, doing yoga/ pilates, and trying other new forms of exercise – but swimming will  always be my number one in my book!

In college, I was lucky enough to be a member of the University of New Hampshire Division I Varsity Swimming & Diving Team.  UNH has a great group of talented, elite-level athletes and it was truly amazing to get to swim with such a fantastic team of girls for 4 years.  Swimming at UNH pushed me to be the best swimmer, athlete, student, leader, and all-around human being that I could be.  Here is a fun pic of my teammates and I a few years ago during our annual “Suits & Boots” photo shoot (and yes it is very cold to be out in the snow in January in a Speedo 🙂  brrrrrrrrrrrr).


I graduated from UNH in 2011 with a degree in English Literature.  Though I have complete faith that one day I will fulfill my destiny of writing a David Sedaris-esque compilation of funny essays about my life, I had to find a job post-graduation to support myself until that dream comes true.  I  had worked part-time as a teller during summer breaks from college so when I graduated I came back to Casco FCU thinking it would only be a temporary job until I could find something else.  The people I work with are so nice, however, that even though I have had a few different jobs over the past 2 years, I could never really leave Casco completely behind.  A few months ago, Casco once again lured me back in to full time employment by offering me the chance to use my creativity and writing skills as the new Marketing Coordinator.

girl scouts

Now I get to spend every day doing the most fun jobs at the credit union – like showing around the girl scouts who came to visit us (as pictured above), posting what’s going on around the branches on Facebook/Twitter, and getting the word out about why Casco FCU is the best financial institution around.

What you might be thinking now is – how much does an English Major who likes to swim all the time really know about money?  The answer – A LOT! Working at a credit union has turned me from a girl with a debit card and not much else to a financially savvy, money-budgeting wiz.  I have learned a little bit of everything in my time at Casco FCU, from how to apply for a car loan and get the best rate, to whether or not you should run your card as credit or debit (and whether that decision even matters much at all).  And as someone who is good with words, I can explain complicated financial issues in no nonsense, everyday English.

So take a peak at my blog for tips on everything and anything to do with money. Thanks for reading!

 – Kelsey at Casco FCU


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