DIY Wedding Gifts

Summer is wedding season which, if you’re 26 like me, means it’s mandatory for at least 87 of your friends to get married. That’s an exaggeration of course, but I am starting to feel like someone new gets engaged every time I log onto Facebook. This is somewhat disconcerting for me because I only go on Facebook to post Buzzfeeds about boy bands on my roommate’s wall and to force people to read this blog. All kidding aside, I love wedding season because you get to dress up, dance, drink, and see two people you love celebrate their love. But wedding season also mean gifts. Engagement Party gifts. Bridal Shower gifts. Wedding gifts. Lots and lots of gifts

The key to gift-giving is finding that perfect balance between cost and creativity. Buying of the registry is always a safe move because it’s convenient and you know you’re giving the couple a gift they want. But buying off the registry has always felt a little impersonal to me, because I don’t feel like I put any thought into the purchase. I just found it on a list. Plus, gifts on the registry can be expensive. For example, who wants to spend $60 on a pizza stone? I’m not really even sure what a pizza stone is. And I’m confused about why you would bother to figure out how to use one when you could just order delivery pizza . . .

Rather than get a gift from the registry, I like to put my craftiness to good use bu making a wedding gift. There are so many cool DIY wedding crafts out there on Pinterest. And a lot of them are easy, budget-friendly, and turn out to be great keepsakes for the happy couple. Here are two examples of gifts I made:

Love Story Map
B&M Sign

So romantic. So easy to make. Here’s what I did – I bought a large poster board, a map of Maine (yes they still sell those), and a frame. I cut out 3 places on the map that were important to them – the place they met, the place he proposed, and their wedding location. Then I used sharpie to add the wording along with their initials and wedding date. And viola, a fun, personalized wedding gift.

Established Sign


One of the many perks of having a carpenter for a dad is that I do have access to a lot of free wood. To make this fun sign for my sister and her husband, I picked out this nice piece of scrap wood from my dad’s garage and he kindly sanded it for me. If you don’t have a dad with a garage full of 2x4s, you can also buy a piece of ready-to-paint wood at the craft store (bonus – you won’t have to sand it). The next step was to use acrylic paint to paint the whole piece white. Then I used light pencil to trace to outline of the letters of their last name which I then painted over with the dark blue. Once that was dry the last step was to freehand their wedding date over the name. If you’re nervous about free-handing you can also buy stencils at the craft store. Note: be sure to check beforehand that the bride is taking the groom’s last name. Because if she;s not and you make this it’s awkward.

This might be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said on this blog, but DIY wedding gifts are great because they’re made with thought and love. I’m way more excited to give a gift I made myself than I am if I bought towels off the registry. Plus if you have a lot of weddings to attend in a short period of time, crafting your own gifts can help you wedding gift budget stay affordable. Happy Wedding Season, Everyone!


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