Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

I heard on the radio yesterday that statistically more people get dumped on February 10th than any other day of the year. Apparently about 4 days before Valentine’s Day is when we all remember that we have to buy our significant other a gift. But then a ton of people look at their potential Valentine and think, “Nah, not worth the $100 in dinner and flowers.” Part of me feels like if you’d choose to break up with someone rather than invest in a Valentine’s Day gift, it probably wasn’t meant to be. But just in case, here are some ideas for Valentine’s gifts that could save both your budget and your relationship.

1. Coupon Book: When I was a kid I was a total cheap-o so I was really into giving “coupon books” to people as gifts. The coupons would include exciting offers such as “Good for 1 Five Minute Back Massage” or “Redeem for 1 Free Day of Bed-Making.” The best part was that the poor family members I gave these to rarely redeemed the coupons (except my sister who I suspect did it purely out of spite) so I never actually had to follow through on my promises. BUT, you could make a coupon book off treats, chores, and other fun things that you actually intend to do for your Valentine like letting them have control of the remote for a whole night, washing their car, or making them breakfast in bed.

2. Hand-made Card: It might sound cheap, but a hand-made card can mean a lot more to the recipient than one you spend $5 on at the store. Use items you have around your house like pens/markers, snippets from magazines, old photos, and stickers to decorate your card. Include a heartfelt message or a lyrics from his/her favorite song. If you put some time and effort into it, your inexpensive homemade card will be a keepsake they can treasure for years to come.

This year I got together with a few friends, drank a lot of wine, and made some One Direction/ 5SOS themed Valentine's. As you can see they came out spectacularly. #keepers

Recently I got together with a few friends, drank a lot of wine, and made some One Direction/ 5SOS – themed Valentines. As you can see they came out spectacularly. #keepers

3. New Adventure: Instead of giving a material gift, do something new together that you’ve both never tried before. Go ice skating, have a board game tournament, take a dance class, or stay up really late/ wake up super early to watch the sun rise. It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, what matters is that you’re doing something fun together that you don’t typically do. Getting out of your every day routine will make the day memorable.

4. Scavenger Hunt: I LOVE Scavenger Hunts. It never even care what the gift at the end is, it’s just fun to decipher the clues and run from place to place to find the next one. Maybe your scavenger hunt leads your Valentine to a box of chocolates, to a home-cooked dinner, or just to you. You could send them all over your house or go big and make them travel all around town. As long as the clues are fun and personalized, they’ll have a blast. Just don’t make them so hard they can’t solve them . . .

Who doesn't?

Who doesn’t?

5. Scrapbook: Scrapbooks can be expensive if you get caught up in buying all the fancy paper, stickers, decorations, and other knick-knacks. But if you stick to a budget, they can also be a great, personalized gift for you Valentine. Use old photos you already have or print them right from your computer. Hand-write in your own memories and notes. You could even skip the book part all together and just make a collage of photos. As long as it’s unique to your Valentine, they’ll love it!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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