Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

FYI – Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, May 11th. If you don’t have a gift for Mom yet, never fear! I’m here to help with some easy, inexpensive but thoughtful gift ideas that she’s sure to love.

Do It Yourself












If you’re crafty, you should go on Pinterest and find something fun to make your mom because, let’s face it, you’re probably always on Pinterest ANYWAYS so you might as well be productive. But just in case your access to Pinterest is weirdly inhibited for some reason, here are a few ideas that are more of the adult variety than the traditional “clay-molding-of-my-hand” craft gift. Your mom still has that hand thing, by the way, because that’s how much she loves you.

Do It For Her


Gifts of action, rather than objects, are great for moms who say stuff like “Oh you don’t need to get anything for me. Just you being here is enough.” No, it’s not enough mom! You gave me the gift of life so let me at least buy you a book or something already!

Anyways, the point is that even if she doesn’t want a physical gift, there is most likely something you can do for your mother that would be just as good. For example:

  • Breakfast-in-Bed – This used to be a Gillespie family staple. My mother suffered through about 18 barely passable breakfasts made by my sister and myself with the limited supervision of our father. But it made her feel special and it was a tradition and I think she loved it. So I highly recommend doing this for your mom.
  • Cleaning Crew – Help a mom out! Vacuum for her, put the dishes away, make your bed. Most moms do a ton of housework and the gift of not doing it for a day or two is probably worth more to her than anything you could buy.
  • Grow a Green Thumb – If your mom is big into her garden or landscaping, help her out! Two sets of hands will make a project bloom a lot faster than one.
  • Spa Day – Maybe you don’t have the cash to buy her a day at an actual spa, but you can always bring the spa to mom yourself! Give her a massage or a pedicure. Try a recipe for an at-home facial like some of the ones here: . Pamper her a little.
  • Bake or Cook – If you’re good in the kitchen, make mom a treat. It give her a break from cooking and gives you a chance to show off your skills. The best part is, you’ll most likely get to eat the food, too.

Easy Items

  • Bouquet of Flowers – A small bouquet of Mom’s favorite flower is a sweet, thoughtful gift. Or maybe get her a potted plant so it will last longer and she can think of you when she sees it. **Awww**
  • Chocolate – You can never go wrong with chocolate. Get her a nice, but affordably-sized box.
  • Coffee Gift Card – Every mom on-the-go needs coffee keep her going! Whatever your budget, a gift card to her favorite coffee stop will be greatly appreciated; even just $5 gets her a cup or two.

Whatever you plan to do this Mother’s Day, remember how much your mom has done for YOU throughout the years. I read in a article recently that if transportation, janitorial, logistical, and psychological support were calculated to create an estimated annual salary based on national averages, most mothers should earn $118,905. But she does all that work for you for free. The moral of the story: put a little time, thought, and effort into her gift, kiddos – mom is worth it!


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