Pay Less at the Pump!

If you live near a Cumberland Farms gas station and you do not have their Smart Pay App . . . YOU NEED TO GET IT NOW! We all hate paying for gas. It’s so expensive. And the price keeps creeping higher and higher all the time. But as a Smart Pay customer, you pay 10 cents less per gallon than the posted price. 10 cents might not seem like a lot, but if you’re filling your 15 gallon tank it adds up to about $1.50. And if you’re stopping for gas once a week, you would save around $78 a year. Think of what you could buy with an extra $78. That’s a month’s cell phone bill. Or a night out with friends. Or a mani-pedi.

Here’s how it all works:

1. You sign up for a Smart Pay account here:

2. You download the Smart Pay app on your phone (or you can pick up a free Smart Pay Card at your local Cumbies if you don’t have a smart phone).

3. The next time you need to fill up, you pull the app up on your phone. It will locate which store you’re at, then you type in which pump. Once you confirm your location, you’re ready to fuel up for 10 cents less a gallon.

Here's the home screen of the Smart Pay App. You have a PIN so it's secure to log-in.

Here’s the home screen of the Smart Pay App. You have a PIN so it’s secure to log-in.

Want to know the best part? Your Smart Pay is connected directly to your checking account, so you don’t need to swipe a card or pay cash! So if you’re like me and you frequently forget your wallet at home, you won’t ever be caught in a pinch where you need gas but have no money. Which has happened to me before . . . maybe more than once . . . The app even has this little savings calculator that tells you how much money you saved at the pump for your current purchase as well as your lifetime savings (aka how much you’ve saved since you started using Smart Pay).

Smart Pay also lets you save on purchases in the store. I’m not a big convenience store shopper so I’ve never used that part of the app, but I have friends who love it. Right now for example just from the gas I’ve bought, I’ve earned a free 16 oz. Coke. Pretty sweet.

Just to prove this is not a paid promotion by Cumberland Farms (although if they’d like to pay me for this post they are more than welcome to 🙂 ), there might be a downside to Smart Pay. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for a while now that the gas at Cumberland Farms doesn’t get me as far as gas I purchase from other places. I swear if I fill up at Irving or Mobile I get way more miles per gallon than when I fill up at Cumbies. So I have decided to do an experiment. I will buy gas at Cumberland Farms, Irving, and Mobile over the next few weeks and compare price per gallon as well as miles per gallon I get after I fill up. We will see if there is really a significant difference. Only time will tell . . .


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