Friday Favorite: Big Kid Grilled Cheese!

On Monday night the most amazing thing ever happened to me. So amazing that the whole world needs to know about. It made my day. It actually made my week. It was the best thing to happen to me in a loooooong time. I cannot over-hype it enough. Here’s how it went down . . .

I went to Panera Bread for dinner with my friend. I ordered the Big Kid Grilled Cheese, which is the most delicious sandwich the world has ever known! It is a big, yummy, toasty, cheesey grilled cheese sandwich with BACON in it.  If you were wondering how to make your grilled cheeses better the answer is bacon. Lots of bacon.

When my little buzzer went off to let me know my food was ready I walked up to the counter and the guy handed me a plate with not one but TWO Big Kid Grilled Cheeses on it.  He said “I cut the bread wrong so I gave you two.”

I’m pretty sure my reaction looked something like this:


I think I scared the poor kid working behind the counter.  I was so pumped.  Two sandwichs for the price of one.  How can you beat that? Not only do I get a Big Kid Grilled Cheese for dinner, but I get one to take home for lunch the next day. UNBELIEVABLE!

Sometimes, you have to find joy in the little things.  And sometimes that little thing is a bacon and cheese sandwich. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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