Halloween 2013 Costume Ideas

Believe it or not, Halloween is only a month away! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays – I absolutely LOVE to dress up. Usually I start coming up with costume ideas in July and then spend the next few months debating what I want to be. I’m not a big fan of revealing costumes (no naughty nurses or sexy cops here!) so my Halloween outfits usually tend to be a little quirky. I also prefer to scrounge up my own stuff/ buy cheap knick-knacks rather than go to a costume store; it’s less expensive, a lot more fun, and I think they usually come out better than store-bought costumes.

For example, last year at our credit union we all dressed up as witches. After much debating on which witch (haha) to be, I settled on Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I already had all of the clothes in my closet, I borrowed a tie from my dad, and I made the glasses, wand, and Quibbler magazine myself.  So fun and easy to do!


The year before that, our branch was a group of nerds.  I bought a few accessories at A.C. Moore (craft stores can be a great resource for cheap Halloween needs, much more affordable than big costume stores) and then all of the clothes were mine. Aren’t we an attractive bunch?


So now I am on a mission to find this year’s perfect, cheap, fun, award-winning costume idea! I haven’t found it for sure yet, but here are my top 10 picks so far.

1. Abby Lee Miller from “Dance Moms”: If you don’t watch “Dance Moms” on Lifetime, you should.  It is some ridiculously entertaining reality TV.  Dressing up as the loud-mouth dance coach is on the top of my costume-possibility list.  You could wear all black, put on too much mascara and blush, wear huge fake finger nails, too many rings, and just yell at everyone you see about how they’re not as good as Maddie at dancing.  Bonus: get your friends to dress up as your little girl dancer entourage.



2. A Real Housewife: Wear a short, tight dress with an apron over it, put on high heels, blow out your hair, wear copious amounts of make-up, and carry a martini glass. Boom! You look like any of the 100 different housewives from Bravo’s TV series.  You could also personalize it to look like your favorite housewife (maybe carry a little stuffed animal dog to be Jiggy from Beverly Hills or a cook book so you looks like Teresa from New Jersey).



3. Daisy and Gatsby: This is an oldie but goodie.  And since the new Leonardo Dicaprio version of “the Great Gatsby” premiered this year, it’s back in fashion.  An easy way to get a good flapper dress? Buy fringe at a craft store and sew or use fabric glue to attach it to a dress you already have (pick an old on you don’t mind ruining).  Get a big feather while your at the craft store and you can stick it into any cute headband.  Use a big straw to look like one of those long cigarette holders.  For boys, wear a suit and slick back your hair.  Don’t have a partner? Not problem! Carry around a picture of your other half in a frame and gaze longingly at it throughout the night.



4. Bag of Eminems: I saw this costume idea on buzzfeed.com and laughed about it for way longer than I should have.  It’s kind of silly, but I bet if you wore it you’d be the talk of any Halloween party.  Plus it’s super cheap and easy.  Just get a trash bag and some pictures of Eminem.



5. Bacon and Egg: This is a fun couple costume. It’s super simple.  The people pictured below used cheap fabric to make cutouts of each food. Or, have the bacon wear brown and the egg wear all white with a big yellow circle taped to the tummy. Want to go solo? Dress as the bacon and attach a smaller egg to your tummy.



6. Will, Kate, and Baby: Even though dressing as Bridal Kate Middleton is “so last year” your dreams of being the Duchess don’t have to die just yet!  Find a cute polka dot dress at Good Will (another great, inexpensive source for great Halloween finds) and carry around a baby doll all wrapped up in a white blanket. Maybe add a crown or tiara to help people get the idea.  If you have a date, they can be Prince William.



7. “Duck Dynasty” Dudes: Bring out your fake beard!  All you need is worn-out jeans, some camo gear, and a big beard to look like one of these red-neck reality TV stars.  Or, if you’re a Boston Red Sox Fan, use the beard and a Sox T-Shirt to look like one of the players (Gomes anyone?).  Either way, big bushy beards are a definite yes this Halloween!



8. “The Voice” Coaches: Get a group of friends together and be the coaches on the singing show “the Voice.” Do your 4 favorite coaches or do all 6.  Between Christinia Aguilera, Shakira, Ceelo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Usher there’s plenty of fun, outlandish outfits to wear.  Rock Usher’s red sneakers or draw tattoos with washable marker all over your arms and wear a ratty white tee to be Adam.  Attach paper signs to everyone that say “I WANT YOU.”  The possibilities are endless!



9. Jack and Jill After They Fell Down the Hill: I’ve seen this costume on Pinterest so many times and I think it’s adorable!  For Jill wear a cute dress and pigtails.  Jack can wear a button down and khakis.  Then use face paint or make-up to make grass stains, cuts, and bruises.  You could even stick a few band-aids here and there. This costume is so fun and can be done with just stuff you most likely have around the house.  Don’t forget to carry a pail! 



10. Flo from Progressive: The trickiest part of this very cool costume would be getting the hair and make-up just right! But otherwise it’s another affordable fun costume idea.  Wear all white and a Progressive name tag. If you have a date, they could be Mayhem from the All State commercials.  Have him wear a suit with a pink jogging head band and some hand weights.



Having the best costume around on Halloween doesn’t have to hurt your wallet.  Getting creative and giving yourself a little time to plan can make dressing up cheap and easy! The trick is to have fun.  If you love your costume, everybody will too.  

What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever wore? Let me know in the comments section.


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